Study from the best in North India

Generally reputed colleges have been found to be giving very good placement opportunities. For that matter government colleges are having 100% placement rates. So if you want to get job immediately after graduation better go for college/University which have campus placements.

If you're more concerned about completing degree first than job. Any UGC recognized and AICTE approved engineering college/university is fine to be admitted as even if you fail to bag a job through campus you'd get it through job fairs or contacts. Though campus placements give higher exposure to jobs.

It’s always better to enquire about authenticity of the college - it's recognition status before taking admission whatever grade it may be falling in and even if job is not your priority.
Engineering in general cannot be justified if you don't have a problem in hand that you want to address through your efforts. Studies need to aim at this aspect of problem solving of real-life. This can be simplified and attained if the courses are undertaken from one of the college/university of repute.

We all have different reasons to study. We might understand the concepts in one go. Or it might take days to understand one. Or we might understand only if we experience the need for one. Hence, we must be allowed to look at engineering the way we want, provided it is ethical and moral. We should not have things that demoralize people. It is what we do with the knowledge that matters and not simple accumulation.

Every year there are at least a million engineers graduating from every stream imaginable. Yet, only a handful of them are capable enough to convert their knowledge into something useful - a solution to one of our problems. Considering the exhaustive number of problems, we have today, the efforts put in the direction are practically less. We waste the resources by creating an engineer who isn't able to contribute and waste a brilliant mind in undermining his true potential.

North India is host to many universities offering the course of engineering. But one need to make sure that they undergo the course from the university of repute which ensures the students are taught in the manner they are able to understand and accompany it with practical knowledge. One such university is
IIMT University, which is rated among the best private university for B. Tech in North India. It makes every student study with only an intention of solving a problem at hand which could be something simple to something truly revolutionary.


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